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Issue 1 June 2001
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Personal Location System
By Michael Seaforth
A frequent concern of those with kids and elderly relatives who suffer from memory loss is that they could someday wander away and put themselves in danger. Fortunately, recent advances in technology are making new and better forms of monitoring accessible to the general public.

Late this summer, Wherify Wireless Inc plans to offer US residents a personal location system Wherify Wireless personal location wrist watchembedded in a wrist watch type device (shown left) and tied in to an all-day monitoring system. Available in several colours, the 94g (3.3 ounce) device will enable someone to be easily located via the internet or by telephone to within a few metres. Using GPS (Global Positioning System) and PCS mobile phone technology, either the guardian or the person wearing the device will be able to request a 911 emergency response.

It is expected that the wrist watch device will retail for around US$300.00 and require a subscription to a personal location service. The system will work either indoors or outdoors and can be programmed to send an alarm to the central monitoring centre should someone try to tamper with the wrist band while the device is in use.

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