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Issue 1 June 2001
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Air Powered Cars
By Michael Seaforth
If the ever increasing price you pay for gas at the pump worries you, then you may be interested in the coming e.Volution. If Zero Pollution Motors has it way, you could soon be driving a car powered by compressed air.

With a range of 200 km and a top speed of approximately 100km/h, the e.Volution made its debut at the Auto Africa Expo 2000 in South Africa last October. Designed in France, it generates power using a piston type two-cylinder compressed air engine and is expected to be in production as early as next year. The government of Mexico has already ordered 40,000 of these vehicles for use as taxi cabs in Mexico City. The e.Volution can be refilled directly with compressed air or by connecting the vehicle to an electrical source to operate a built-in air compressor.

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