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See There. Be There. From Anywhere.

Only $372.95

On-Call Remote Digital Pictures

About Fone Cam - How Fone Cam Works - Software - Hardware - Reviews


FoneCam is a truly remote digital camera. Think of FoneCam as your remote eye on the world, one that sends pictures to your personal computer. FoneCam may be installed anywhere there is telephone service.
  • Unlike conventional digital cameras, FoneCam does not need to be attached to a computer!
  • FoneCam has a built-in modem and connects to any standard phone line.
  • No additional hardware or software is required.
  • FoneCam is compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to install and use
See There
  • FoneCam can share a single phone line with telephone answering devices (TADís), fax machines or computer modems.

The Camera you Call

FoneCamís Control Software runs on any PC equiped with a modem and Windows 95 or NT operating system. With the Control software, you can receive live pictures from any number of FoneCams located around the world. Optional ExtensionCams allow multiple views with a single call.
  • Receive real-time pictures from thousands of miles away
  • Receive pictures manually or automatically by schedule.
  • Display pictures individually, in groups or in an animated sequence.
  • Save Pictures in all popular file formats
  • Import pictures into documents.
  • Send pictures by e-mail
Be There
  • Add ExtensionCams to see other rooms or a different angle of view.


Web Compatible, not Web Dependent.

FoneCam enables you to collect live pictures directly over the telephone line. No additional browser or service provider is needed. However, FoneCam is a powerful tool used to post live pictures to the Web.
  • Post pictures on the Web.
  • Update images either manually or automatically by schedule.
  • No special service provider or monthly fees.
From Anywhere

FoneCamís Uses are Limited Only by Your Imagination!

FoneCam provides peace of mind at home or at your business. Use the Log to record pictures throughout the day or week and review events later. Save important photos and delete the rest.


  • Monitor customer traffic at retail locations.
  • Keep an eye on the stock room from your office across town.
  • Check on manufacturing operations in another state.
Unlimited Uses
  • Have a look at the kids at home while working late.

Only $372.95

About Fone Cam - How Fone Cam Works - Software - Hardware - Reviews


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