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Free Stuff Below is a collection of free sites, software or services covering a wide range of interests. We hope that you will find some of them useful and rewarding to visit. This page is frequently updated. Recent additions are shown with an asterisk and a brief description of features is provided here.. Why not also subscribe to our FREE newsletter.
When we say below that the services or products are free, we mean that:
  • They are free or ad supported, (products containing "spyware" are not knowingly listed), or
  • A non-expiring version of the product is being offered (sometimes with restricted features). Some software is free for personal use only.

You can also take the opportunity to find out about some of the items we have to offer by clicking on product links (in italics) further down on the page.

Excellent image viewers
- XnView
Great Print Screen Utility

- Gadwin Print Screen
Create buttons quickly for your web page
Create your own facial composites (demo)
Faces   (Used by America's Most Wanted)
Compose and mix modern music on the computer
Rebirth 338 (Demo)
Guitar fretboard representation of chords from a MIDI file
Midigtr (Free)
Slow down CD music and keep the same pitch
Slowgold (1st 2 tracks free)

Remove vocals from music
- AnalogX vocal remover
Create drum loops/patterns
- Hammerhead
- Stomper Hyperion
- ER- Zero drum synthesizer Create turntable effects with a CD player
- CD Scratch
Music Lessons from Berklee
- Music Lessons *
Reading Pen...scan text...see it displayed...hear it read

Computer Help
  Can't figure out that computer problem?

- Protonic
Optimize your Cable/DSL connection
- Cable/DSL Speed Guide
Useful utilities
- Startup control program
- Xcleaner Lite - internet cleanup
- EZBackup - backup utility
- Freebyte Backup
- Registry Cleaner and more
Excellent web form filler
Find info on your hard drive
Agent Ransack
Copy/Move files with 2 clicks
File Targets
Monitor all your email accounts
Need to paste the same text often into documents?
- Clipomatic
Data Gathering/Storage

An excellent tool to search the web
- Copernic Agent Basic
Visit the same sites everyday?
- Internet Slideshow
Free storage space on the internet
Unzip Files and More
- Power Archiver 2000
Access Email from Anywhere
- Mail2web
Jotto Desk...innovative computer desk for in-car use


Create an encrypted virtual hard drive section
- Scramdisk
Free firewall
- Sygate Personal Firewall
- Tiny Personal Firewall
- Outpost Firewall Free Version
- Kerio Personal Firewall
Free anti-virus software
- AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
- AntiVir Personal Edition
- Avast! Home Edition
- Housecall (Online virus scanner)
Email, file sharing, instant messaging virus protection
- vCatch Virus Catcher
Anti-trojan program
Monitor and protect your ports
- Proport
How secure is your computer
- Shields Up

- Browserspy
- System Integrity Check
- Optout
- Shields Up
- Hacker Watch
- DSL Reports Security Scan
Securely erase computer files
- AnalogX SuperShredder
- Eraser
Select which cookies are welcome; reject others
- AnalogX Cookie Wall (IE only)
Hide and prevent access to desktop with a mouse click
- Desktop Enforcer
- Black Screen

Beeping Wallet...never lose your credit card again


Instant communication and message exchange
Connect to all of the above and IRC using a single interface
Email reminder services

Great Reminder Software
- Kana Reminder

Internet Access (Ad supported)
- Netzero
- Juno
Worldwide telephone directory
- Telephone directory
Worldwide area code listing
- Area codes
Find the time anywhere
- World time
Add your hand signature to email
Find almost any email address
- Email address metasearch engine
Nightstar Flashlight...needs no batteries...just shake it


The way things work
Ask the expert/Be an expert
Learn about car repair and maintenance
Learn about car repair and the human anatomy
All about volcanoes
General Knowledge
Legal Information
- (Canada)
- (US)
- (US)
University Level Courses
- From MIT *
- From Rice University *

Homework help and more
- Math Homework Help
Ask Dr. Math
- Dr.Math
Measurement conversions
- Versaverter
Computer Tutorials
- Tech Tutorials
Space Pen ...used in space...will write anywhere..even upsidedown


Foreign travel advisories
- Canada Government Site
- US Government Travel Site

- UK Government Travel Site
- Australian Government Site
- Travel Hot Spots
- Business Travel Overseas
Nightvision Scope...use for security, observing wildlife...etc

Consumer Protectiion
Scams/Recalls/Complaints etc.
- Scam Busters
- Scam Watch
- Identity Theft
- Canada Government Site
- Vehicle recalls
- Buying a Home

- Free Business Forms
- More Free Business Forms
- Protect Your Invention
- Patents, Trademarks & Copyright
- Canadian Interactive Business Planner(English/French)
- Sample Business Plans
- Home Based Business Manual
- Small Business Handbook
- Manage an email newsletter
- Track time spent on different jobs

Can you hit a 90mph fastball...

Log and Monitor your workouts
- CrossTrak

Even when you are asleep, we are seeking out new sites and adding them to this page. If you wish to be kept informed, email us and type free stuff updates in the subject line.


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