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EASE Scan Tool |ElmScan Scan Tool| About OBD2

AutoEnginuity™ Professional OBD2 Automotive Scan Tool

Toyota Enhanced Parameters

Enhanced Powertrain
+BM A/C Working Switch
A/F1 Test Status A/F2 Test Status
Accelerator Idle Position Accelerator Learn Value
Accelerator Position 1 Accelerator Position 2
AS Test Status AT Speed
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid Temp
B1S2 Test Status B2S2 Test Status
Check Mode Direct Clutch RPM (NC)
Direct Clutch RPM (NC0 or NC2) Direct Clutch RPM (NC2)
E-ABV Step Position EGR Step Position
EGR Temperature EGR Value Position
Electric Load Switch Engine Run Time
Engine Speed At Misfire ETC Mag Clutch
ETCS Mag Clutch Fail #1
Fail #2 Fuel Cut From CTP
Fuel Cut From TAU Min Fuel Pressure
Fuel Trim Idle Air Control Duty Cycle
Idle Air Control Step Position Ignition Switch Starter
Injector Pulse Width Kick Down Switch
Lean Control Bank 1 Sensor 1 Lean Control Bank 1 Sensor 2
Lean S FT Bank 1 Sensor 1 Lean S FT Bank 1 Sensor 2
Lean Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 Lean Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 2
Load At Misfire Lock Up Soleniod
Lockup Soleniod Misfire All Cylinders
Misfire Cylinders #1 Misfire Cylinders #2
Misfire Cylinders #3 Misfire Cylinders #4
Misfire Cylinders #5 Misfire Cylinders #6
Misfire Cylinders #7 Misfire Cylinders #8
Misfire Test Status NSW Test Status
Number of Codes Number of Ignition
O/D Cut From CCS O/D Cut From O/D Off Switch
O/D Cut Soleniod O2 Lean-Rich
O2 Rich-Lean Park/Neutral Switch
Pattern Select Switch in PWR Power Steering Signal
Power Steering Switch Shift
Shift Position Shift Position Switch in 2nd
Shift Position Switch in L Shift Position Switch in R
Shift Soleniod SLN Shift Soleniod SLT
Shift Soleniod SLU SPD Test Status
Stop Light (Break Switch 1) Stop Light (Break Switch 2)
Throttle Close Duty Throttle Idle Position
Throttle Initial Throttle Mot
Throttle Mot Throttle Open Duty
Throttle Position 2 Throttle Position Close Switch
Throttle Target Vapor Pressure
VSV A/C Clutch Relay VSV A/C Cut
VSV Air Bleed VSV Automatic Oil Supply
VSV Boost Pressure Control VSV EGR System
VSV Exaust ByPass VC VSV Exhaust Gas Control
VSV Fuel Pressure UP VSV Fuel Pump
VSV Fuel Pump Relay VSV Idle Up
VSV Intake Air Control VSV Intake Control
VSV Purge VSV Purge Cut
VSV SCV VSV Secondary Air
VSV Super Charger Control VSV Vapor Presure
VSV Variable Intake VSV VVT Control
VSV VVT2 Control


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