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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CASH-TESTER work and what does it test?
It uses a combination of technologies including optical, electromagnetic, infrared and ultraviolet reflection and high-frequency measurement methods. Depending on the currency, the visible and invisible security marks, magnetism in the ink, content in the silver strip, physical structure of holograms and other distinctive features are checked and compared to pre-programmed data. The CT2002 is the lightest, most secure and most accurate counterfeit detector on the market. The CT2002 is an officially certified money detector.

How good is the CASH-TESTER?
When it was being evaluated by a German Bank, they mixed 215 known counterfeit notes with a batch of good notes. The CASH-TESTER rejected all 215 counterfeit notes and even discovered that two of the "good" notes were actually counterfeit. No other testing device had performed this well before.

Will online updates be available and why will they be offered?
Online updates will be available. They will be of great benefit to those in countries where the Federal Reserve Bank might redesign the paper currency to try and foil counterfeiters. Redesigned bank notes may have different characteristics to current bank notes. An internet update will ensure that the CT2002 retains it functionality on redesigned bank notes. These updates will be free of charge for CT2002 owners.

All three LED's blink at the same time and I hear an unfamiliar sound. What does this mean?

It is time to change the batteries.

There is no LED indication after I swipe the bill. Did I do anything wrong?
Switch the CT2002 OFF and then ON again. If the CT2002 does not reset, you will need to change the batteries.

What is behind the clip?
A digital circuit board with optical and magnetic sensors as well as the microprocessor.

Can I run the CT2002 24hrs per day?
Yes you can. Test for as long as you want. Battery life is typically over 1000 hours.




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