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Scan, See and Hear Translator

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  • Features advanced Text-To-Speech technology from Lernout & Hauspie
  • The Ideal tool for reading and learning English
  • Automatically displays translations of scanned words
  • Pronounces the word scanned into English with a click of a button
  • Recognizes over 400,000 words and expressions
  • Works on printed material in a wide range of fonts and letter sizes
  • Keeps a history of scanned words
  • Scans inverted and hyphenated text
  • Adjustable for left or right handed users



French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian


How it Works

  • Scan a word from any printed text
  • See the various possible translations on the screen
  • Hear the scanned word pronounced, either automatically or upon request by pressing Enter

Note: Only the English word is pronounced.


Q: Must I use the built-in speaker in the back of the QT in order to hear the pronunciation of the word?
A: No. You can use the earphones enclosed in the package. Using the earphones is even recommended.

Q: When I use the earphones, the volume seems very loud. Is there any way to change this?
A: Yes. The volume of the QT can be controlled though the menu. Different volume settings should be used when listening directly through the built-in speaker and when using the earphones.

Q: Once I see the translation of the word on the screen, I have to press Enter in order to hear the pronunciation of the word. It would be much more efficient for me to hear the word right away.
A: You can determine whether the word is read aloud automatically , or upon request with the Enter button. Just choose your preference from the menu.

Q: Does the QT switch itself off automatically if I forget to?
A: Yes, The QT has a built in automatic shut-off function which you can set from 15-240 seconds.

Q: Can I also use the QT to scan words hyphenated at the end of a line?
A: Yes. The QT has a special function that allows you to scan the first half of a divided word, followed by the second half on the next line. It then reads these two halves as one whole word.

Q: Does the QT read white on black text too (inverted text)?
A: Yes. One click on the left arrow button adjusts the QT to reading light text on a dark background

Q: I am left-handed, Do I have to scan like a right-handed person?
A: No. You adjust the QT very simply for left-handed use.

Q: Can I translate words printed in very large fonts?
A: Yes. You can use the Opticard to enter words that are too large to scan, such as words appearing on billboards, signposts, etc.

Q: Does the QT translate English slang expressions too?
A: Yes. The QT contains more than 15,000 expressions and idioms in English, including a large selection of up-to-date slang usages.

Q: What is the advantage of using the QT rather than my familiar printed dictionary?
A: The QT allows you to look up the translation of a word without having to put down your book or newspaper. In addition, it presents you with the translation within seconds.

- About Quicktionary - Product Lines - Technical Data - Order - Home -


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