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quicktionary 2

Order Quicktionary II

The Quicktionary II is based on the same advanced platform as the popular QuickLink Pen, enabling users to scan a full line of text and see the translation of each individual word in seconds. Unlike the company's first generation Quicktionary, the second generation product is not limited to single language translation. Users will be able to download additional language databases for a fee, upon the release of the Upgrade Kit. The language upgrade kit will add two (2) additional languages to the device. Most models are voice enabled.

The Quicktionary II provides significant performance improvements including a new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) device which makes this product 10 times faster than its predecessor. It is small and ergonomically designed to fit even the smallest hand. The newly designed optical head has made the scanning process easy for the user, while greatly increasing scanning performance.

The revolutionary aspect of Quicktionary II is its upgradability. Users will be able to add language and professional databases to expand the product's functionality. Over 100 databases will be available for purchase and download. Over 40 of these databases were specifically designed to suit the needs of Quicktionary II users and 60 additional specialized databases, supporting disciplines such as law, medicine, business and engineering have been licensed to offer added value.

A businessman could then download the French dictionary before a trip to Paris, then replace it with a Spanish dictionary before signing a deal in Madrid. The Memory Extension Kit will include a 4 megabyte Flash memory chip, and serial or IRDA connectivity to PC, laptop, PDA or cellular phone. This same Memory Extension Kit will enable expansion of the Quicktionary II to a fully operative QuickLink Pen.

Users will be able to download all QuickLink Pen applications into their Quicktionary II. The QuickLink Pen, a portable optical scanner that scans and stores up to 1,000 pages of text, features four useful applications enabling the transmission of text directly to any word-processing application; scanning business cards and transferring information to Outlook; conveying printed tables, schedules and charts directly to spreadsheet application; collecting URLs and transferring them to browser bookmark/favorites.

Order Quicktionary II


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