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Solar Chargers


Battery Saver PRO15W

For real battery charging with enough power to run a vehicle full of small appliances, we recommend the batterySAVER PRO15W panel (available with or without charge controller.) With 3 times the power of the 5W model, you'll get solid battery charging power for a variety of small 12volt appliance applications. And you can combine as many panels as you wish to increase power as needs grow!

For example, with the purchase of 30watts of power (two 15watt panels) you can run a 12" black and white TV for 14 hours/week, PLUS a 20W fluorescent bulb for 16 hours/week, PLUS a CB radio for 8 hours/week.(The amount of power your charging system generates is directly related to the sunlight intensity and number of panels you have connected to your system).

  • 15 Watts rated power at 15 volts operating voltage.
  • Constant Solar Charger for larger battery needs.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Polycarbonate frame.
  • Includes all mounting & connection accessories.

Only $US145.99




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